Pet-friendly Attractions

Pikes Peak Highway


They welcome well-behaved pets in any of the buildings in their facility. They encourage pet owners to bring their pets in with them versus leaving them in their cars, especially during the summer. Pets should be on a leash or carried. The only thing asked is that, if there are more than two animals in the building they be kept separated by their owners. The facility includes outside grounds where people can walk their pets. All they ask is that the owners clean up after them.
Welcomes pets in the store, and patio restaaurant (on leash).
Pets allowed in park on leash. Baggie stations available. (Across the street at Rock Ledge Ranch, there is a free run dog park area available)
Wide sidewalks, parks and creeks available for pets on leashes.
Open to pets that are on a leash or under control of owner. Water is available for your pets.
Small dogs permitted as long as they are carried throughout the tour.
Pets welcome, on leash please, as there are many wildlife around. Water faucets available, please pick up after your pet’s visit.
Pets on leash welcome, may accompany family on a walk across the bridge. Pets may not go on rides, but there is a free kennel for them with one key for owner, while taking a break from the action. (Owner must supply food and water for them at kennel).
Pets welcome on leash, allowed in shops and trails but not cafe. Watering and baggie stations on premises.
The facility has two lockable and shaded dog kennels that are free to use while our guests go whitewater rafting with us.

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