Camping near Colorado Springs – Eleven Mile Canyon


Chief at Eleven Mile Canyon

Last weekend I did something I’ve never done before – sleep in a tent!  Mom and I drove about an hour west of Colorado Springs to a land with brand new sites and so many new smells called Eleven Mile Canyon.  We went for walks along the water where we saw some fly fishers casting their reels. With every step there was a new smell of wildlife –deer, prairie dogs, squirrels and wildflower scents pulling my nose in multiple directions.  When bedtime came around, Mom let me in the small tent first. When I laid on the pillow, she made me move and sleep on the ground.  Being used to sleeping on a mattress, I was uncomfortable all night. So I woke her up by laying right on top of her right when the sun came up. Next time we go camping, I think she’ll bring me my own bed.   There are many dog-friendly campsites and RV parks in the Pikes Peak region – I enjoyed camping and I bet your pooch will too! 


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