America the Beautiful Park

Chief at America the Beautiful Park

My dad had a day off work today so we surprised Mom with a picnic lunch at America the Beautiful Park.  It was a perfect day out – bright blue skies and not a cloud to be seen. We had a great walk around the park and I even got to introduce myself to a poodle named Daisy. I’m not sure how humans really get a sense of a person when they shake hands – dogs definitely do it right with a good sniff!

Seven Bridges Trail

ImageWhen mom and I go for walks now, she puts this heavy thing on my back.  It really messes with my ability to mark my spot on everything.  But I learned a trick to getting it off…go swimming!  She kept saying something about her cell phone getting wet, but I wasn’t concerned- there was a creek for me to explore! Mom kept walking on these wooden things, but I didn’t bother with them.  I love getting my paws wet.  We had a great hike up in the mountains.  The forest provided plenty of shade and plenty of squirrel sightings.


For driving directions and other information about Seven Bridges Trail click here.


Red Rocks Canyon Open Space

Chief with the Garden of the Gods in the distance.

One of my favorite open spaces in Colorado Springs is at Red Rocks Canyon Open Space.  Over 13 miles of hiking for me to explore with views of Garden of the Gods and Pikes Peak that every dog and human has to love.  Mom keeps me on a leash for most of the hike, but there are two areas where I get to run free!  Watch out for the cactus though, sniff em and they hurt!